Intimidating russian names

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It might be a good idea to give your new puppy a Russian dog name.

Russian Laikas and Samoyeds were bearing names associating with climate and geography of the Northern regions ("Taiga" - taiga, "Purga" - blizzard, "Vjyuga" - snowstorm).Even if it's not, it can still be cool because Russian dog names sound unusual and attract attention.Choosing the right Russian puppy name is very important.Today these Borzois' and Russian hounds' names are mostly used by hunters, whereas other owners prefer regular Russian dog names which are less specific and easier to pronounce.It's up to you whether to follow Russian traditions in naming your new puppy, or to choose any nice male or female name from our lists of Russian names for dogs: Russian Male Dog Names Russian Female Dog Names If you want to name your Russian puppy by a certain Russian word please feel free to send us this word in English and we will find the best-sounding Russian translation for it.

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